TGV’s rally

Saturday January 31st, 2009 10.00am Madagascar time, I was in a cyber-café in Analakely, just behind the place of May 13th, I heard screams. I immediately said to myself “Damn! It’s starting!”. I run out and joined the place of May 13th. I saw some young over-excited guys who stoned police officers and started to put blockades on the streets. They used big stones for that.


Finally, when the police officers decided to withraw themselves from the place of May 13th, but staid around.

While waiting for Andry “TGV” Rajoelina, there were several aniamtions led by Sareraka, a anarchist singer.


Most of the political leaders from the opposition came, as well as some members of the parliement.


At exactly 11.20am Madagascar time, Andry “TGV” Rajoelina came.


The famous “General Dollin” (the one who is subject to a warrant for arrest) was the first speaker: He said that Marc Ravalomanana should be more respectful towards him because he has done a lot of good actions for Madagascar. He also said that he was among the high officers who put Marc Ravalomanana in power on 2002, and now he is going to all of his best to throw him out.


After him, the platform of the opposition came on stage, represented by its 02 leaders: Laurent Ramaroson and Lahiniriko Jean.


Finally, the mayor, Andry “TGV” Rajoelina took the floor. In teh beginning of his speech, he said that despite all of the efforts made by the FFKM (association of the 04 leading christian beliefs in Madagascar) and the ambassadors (especially the USA and Germany), he DEFINITELY refuses to negotiate with the president.

photo-061He formally asked for the impeachment of Marc ravalomanana as a president of the Republic. For this purpose, he will submitt this request before the 02 houses of the parliament: the national assembly and the senate.


He asked a lawyer ( a former judge) to tell to the people all the breaches to the constitution that Marc Ravalomanana has done.


After, Andry Rajoelina asked the donors and the partners of Madagascar not to condone anymore the actions of the current governement and the president.


He said that starting from now, he will be in charge of the current operations of his new governement: a governement of transition.

He said that this governement of transition is needed to change the constitution. He said that the current constitution (revised constitution of 2007) is not anymore valid and in force because it has been too much “violated” by the Marc Ravalomanana.


He said that he is still working on the establishment of such governement.


He asks all the employees of state institutions to cease their works. If they do not follow this order, they will be punsihed (…)


He finally declared that because the governement of transition is not fully established, all public as well as private offices have to remain closed. The general strike keeps on then on Monday till further notice.



6 thoughts on “TGV’s rally

  1. A lot of Angry looking people!

    It would appear the theme of colonialism has been dropped from the cause to overthrow the Malagasy government.

    According to Reuters:
    “A week of civil unrest on Madagascar has killed 100 people, according to the U.S. ambassador, in some of the worst violence the politically volatile nation has seen for years.”

    I was under the impression from Blogs that I have been following that they died while looting buildings? Did someone lock them in the buildings because the supported the President?

    For the first time in my life I am able to see the news before the mainstream media can misreport it.

    THANK YOU for your blog! My eyes are open, there are no more investigative reporters in mainstream media.

    Here is a link to the entire article, it is pretty good besides that the US Ambassador doesn’t know what is going on, very typical of US government…

    Thanks again for all the great information, I can see by his peaceful actions the President will eventually come out on top and those promoting violence will lose.

  2. What’s happening to our country is really sad and devastating.
    You did your duty as a blogger. Keep up the good work!!
    The pictures you showed is depressing but reality.
    Thank you Andry for keeping everyone updated.
    All of us will suffer from what we did to our town “Tana” and Madagascar.

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