Tomorrow will be considered as the D day for Andry TGV and the opposition. After the failure of the negotiations, Andry TGV and the opposition will tell to the “people” their decisions on the continuation of this “democratic” movement. Tomorrow, all the people who are not satisfied with the way Marc Ravalomanana has led the country, will gather themselves at the place of May 13th (center of Analakely, downtown of Antananarivo).

So, what will happen tomorrow and after tomorrow? Will we see again lootings?


According to the local newspapers of today, tomorrow, Andry TGV will proclaim himself as the primeminister of a new governement. This new governement will be a transition governement, a transition governement which will throw away  the president  Marc Ravalomanana.

Do they have the necessary means to take over the power? I sincerely do not know … all I know is that they have several “urban squads” who are over-excited and have weapons.


What I sincerely expect is that, tomorrow, on the place of May 13th, Andry “TGV” Rajoelina, Mayor of Antananarivo and self-proclaimed leader of the opposition, will officialy declare the end of the General strike and the meetings on Place of 13th May.

All of this mess has to cease because this “request for democracy” becomes too bloody …


The opposition has already received most of their requests:

– place of democracy in Ambohijatovo where they can at any time voice their concerns;

– re-opening of VIVA TV;

– re-opening of VIVA Radio.

What do they want more? May be they would like to have the exclusive management of TVM and RNM that they burnt last Monday …

May be they would like the three Ankatso students who have been convicted of having thrown Kocktail Molotov against public buildings to be released and to be granted with ministerial positions …

May be they would like the presidency to give the presidential airplane “Air Force Two” to Andry Rajoelina’s company: INJET …

May be they would like DAEWOO Logistics to give US$ 1,300,000 to Andry Rajoelina’s company: INJET …

Nowadays, throughout Madagascar, there is a huge luck of “products of first necessity” (rice – salt – sugar – oil- flavour – milk – butter). This luck is a direct result of the looting of the main retailers and wholesalers.

The economic life is slowing down because International investors have decide to forget Madagascar.  Local companies have to  make in stand bye some of their activities in order  to mitigate their losses. People (employees included) are afraid to go out because of insecurity. Big shops (those which have not been looted yet) are closed. There is a huge luck of urban transportation and mobile telecommunication airtimes…

Frankly speaking … is this the type of life we expected?




6 thoughts on “Tomorrow…

  1. It is true, look at Zimbabwe… If you do not stand up to the injustice the world looks away and forgets you.

    A person who can’t be president because of constitutional age limits leads a revolt destroying everything in its wake promoting looting and destruction throughout the country. In the name of Democracy, he is a terrorist destroying the chance for most Malagasy.

    Judge not by words, but by deeds. Democracy does not burn your infrastructure yelling for the need of freedom. Democracy wins a popular vote.

    Be careful, if they can plan a coordinated strike against the president they might figure out to watch blogs…

  2. This is really really sad.
    I hold Madagascar so dearly in my heart, I visited the country 8 months ago, and fell in love with the people, and how calm and peaceful they were. I could have never imagined the situation could turn so dramatically so quickly. This country has so much potential and so many unbelievable resource. A stable situation could only attract more investors and make the country more prosperous.
    I keep Madagascar in my prayers and hope the situation stabilizes as soon as possible.
    Thanks for keeping people posted.
    May god help us,

  3. Amarela,
    Do you know the greatest gift that you can offer to my country? Here it is: keep on loving Madagascar, we need so many people like you here.

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