The Army, the Gendarmerie and The police are back

Starting from Wednesday January 29th, 2009, the army, the gendarmerie and the police are visible again in the streets of Antananarivo.

They are now keeping all the “strategic” places and chasing all the looters. As in any exceptionnal situation, they are entitled to provide all the possible and necessary means to re-establish the peace and order.This is also the reason why since wednesday, a curfew is imposed on the city of Antananarivo. This starts from 08.00pm and ends at 06.00am.

The funny thing in this story of curfew is that TGV and the opposition have also imposed another curfew which starts at 09.00pm and ends at 04.00am. From which legal or regulatory power can TGV and the opposition impose their own curfew. We’re really swimming in a river named “stupidity”.

But even if they (Army – Police – Gendarmerie) are now back on track, it does not refrain people from asking the same question: “Where were they on Monday and Tuesday?”. The answer has already been answered by the president Marc Ravalomanana himself during his visit of RNM and TVM in Anosy on Tuesday, he said that the non-intervention of the police and the army forces was due to his own instruction in order to avoid a massive massacre. They waited till Wednesday morning to launch their actions (actually, the Gendarmerie  already launched some targeted urban operations on Tuesday afternoon)

But still this morning, there were some “courageous” guys who kept on stealing some stuff around Margros Ankorondrano.



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