“Where the hell is the army?” This is the question that most of people asked yesterday and till now when seeing all the loots which happen throughout town.

Yesterday, when rioters attacked and looted Margos Ankorondrano, Auditorium Ankorondrano, Jumbo Score Ankorondrano, Zoom Ankorondrano, Courts Ankorondrano, Courts 67Ha, Margros Soarano, Margros Tanjombato, the head office of TIKO Group in Tanjombato, Courts Tanjombato, Naza Electronics Analankely, Trade Center Analankely, CITIC Behoririka, Supreme Center Analakely, Blueline Digue, New Pack Digue, the head office of MBS Group in Anosimpatrana, TVM and RNM in Anosy, the head office of Air Madagascar in Analakely, Shoprite Analakely, Bao Lai Analakely …, there were no soldiers or police officers who were present. No one! In Ankorondrano, I personally saw police officers who just looked at the people who run away with goods from Margros and Auditorium in Ankorondrano. They did nothing to stop them. I saw innocent girls who were assaulted by these “hooligans” but they still did nothing ….


Now, my personnal feeling is that violation of laws and public orders have become legal and authorized. Who will protect innocent citizens? Are we going to stay and wait for our turn?

Everywhere you go now, you will see a lot of people bringing with them stolen products from shops and commercial centers. They can go at their ease with no fear to be caught. I just have one word for this: ANARCHY

When the Army and police forces give up or decide not to implement instructions, it is the real basis of the nation which is affected.

The president Marc RAVALOMANANA has discovered that yesterday. What can he do more? Nothing! The only thing he can do is to step down and let the power to Andry RAJOELINA … we will see if the international community and the international donors will help them to re-build the country. I am particularly interested to see the ability of Andry RAJOELINA to lead a governement.

 There is one and only truth: nothing of what happens now would have been possible if the Army has done its job: to protect the nation against its enemies wherever they are. 


I’ve just received the following information:

The 03 corps of defence (Army, Gendramerie and the Police) made today a press conference and declared that their strategy is to let rioters to do all they want (looting of shops and commercial centers, destuction of public infrastructures, assault against villas, …). “This way, we will be able to know who they are, how many they are and where they live” the representative of the 03 corps of defence said.

This is the very first time in my life that I’ve heard such a thing. “Let people die, this way we will know who the murders are …” This is an awkward way to hide their will to back TGV and the opposition. Nowadays, Ravalomanana has nothing to assure the republican order throughout Madagascar.

Now at the time I’m typing this post, I can clearly hear gun shots. Many people have reported to me that Analakely, Behoririka, 67Ha, Ampasanimaro, Andravoahangy, Ampefiloha are now into fire and blood.

Last night, 67Ha has been devastated by fire and Kocktail Molotov.

We’re facing a situation in which crime is trivialized. 


The Army has never accepted the huge changes that Ravalomanana has imposed within the Army. For example, the fact of appointing a woman as a minister of defence has always been understood by militaries as the supreme insult.

There are also many Generals who have never forgiven to Ravalomanana for forcing them to retire.

In such situation, when you can not rely on police forces to protect yourself, your family, your house and your business. When you can not stand by the Army to protect the nation against civil war and external/internal enemies. What choice do you have?

Please answer to my question.



  1. Where is the army and police?

    In the US they would have shot the looters.

    Any policy and army refusing to do their job in protecting the public interest would have been detained and probably jailed if not executed for not doing their job.

    It is interesting to see how other countries call overthrowing their government “democracy” in the US we wait and vote them out. We lobby and tell them the deal is bad…

    It is an interesting time we all live in, the US holding out for hope after 8 long years. What amazes me most is that there is no word from the government. If they are dictators then why have we not heard from them?

  2. what choice?

    what else? When u cann’t do ur work what else you have to do?

    Poor Madagascar,
    a hunger revolt is well know in history, the french revolution by the way.
    How long will Madagascar stand up from this

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