I love working

I love working … I can’t deny it, I really enjoy it. It is not really about money or any other motives, I just can’t do without working. That may seems a bit strange for some people but workalcoholics like me exist. Now that I’m on my Christmas holiday (we stopped working on December 24th and will come back on January 05th), I really do not feel confortable with the idea of just wandering around with nothing. I need to feel the pressure that is brought by tight deadlines that our clients impose to us. I can’t do without drafting long and boring legal opinion. I like the excitement brought by professional challenges.

Well, you may think that I’m completely stupid or even crazy, but this is how I exist: BY MY WORK. It is once arrived in my office that I really start living. The main reason is because I know that at my work, my contribution is deemed as important (but not crucial) for my company. I know that over there, my work can lead to some concrete consequences for my country (good and bad). Over there, I’m not just this little unknown guy who tries to find his way in the middle of the street … at my office, I am the lawyer who does his job according to the rules and standards that he puts on himself.

Everbody can change the world because we are this world, said Churchill. Well, I’m pleased to think that somewhere along the line, I contribute to change mine.

I love my job, I love it because it is not a boring one, I love it because it is a challenging one, I love it because there are a lot of people who count on me to do my job well. Of course, I’m like anyone who complains when it is monday (Monday tsy mandeha!), and who is happy when it is friday (Zomà mahafinaritra!).

I hate doing nothing. This is the reason why I don’t like being on leave or on holiday. I find it really … time consuming (my God … I really have to hire a psychic ..) Waking up very late, spending my whole day watching TV, going with my mother or my fiancée to do shopping or window-shopping (aaargh!), wandering around, doing chores (taboo!), … all that jazz…out of me!

All I wish is that we will have a good 2009 work session!


5 thoughts on “I love working

  1. As long as you come home with a lot of money; it doesn’t matter how long you stay at your office lool

    For sure my dear, you’re crazy.

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