CHRISTMAS after 08 days

Yes, Christmas is coming …

I haven’t really pay attention to it till one Saturday (02 weeks ago), I was surprised to hear Christmas songs on radio. How come I forgot it? The most important Christian event of the year? This is the problem when you devote too much time and energy to work, you tend to forget the most important thing which matters in life: family, the woman of your life, friends, … This is a problem which can happen (or which has already happened) to all of us. Too much concentrated with the material issues, we forget … we don’t care about the most precious value in life: love.

Yes, I know, life is hard, you have to make sacrifice to succeed … but there is also a time where we have to tell to ourself : “Hold on …” Hold on because I’m losing my family. Hold on because the girl that I’ve chosen between thousand is geting more and more sad and lonely. Hold on because I also need friends as I need money and social recognition.

I remember this famous quote from “Boyz on the Hood”: “I know shit about your business, man … all I know is that you’re a fucking loser without love!”

And I believe that this is the most important value that Christmas conveys to Human’s heart every year: love. Love with a big L. This love which makes you smile to the first stranger you meet on the street. The love which pushs you to understand people and to get rid off all clichés and prejudices. The love which makes you say to that special one: “I love you because it’s you …”

Yes, I really believe that there is a sort of Magic of Christmas, a kind of magic wind which spreads the smell of kindness and human tolerance. We all need to feel this magic inside of  us. We all need to feel this strange and naive kiddish feeling which can really make you happy.

Guys, it will be Christmas after 08 days. Here is my message to you: during these 08 days, try to do good around you without asking anything in return. Just do good. Make someone happy. Help those who need you. Give support and hope. During thse 08 days: give yourself a second chance.


3 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS after 08 days

  1. yeah… it is a great idea… but 8 days are not enough to share Love. If so, I want Christmas to last each and every day of the year.

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