Law and dream

Hi all,

Today at work, I had a very interesting discussion with one of my workmate who is also a lawyer. Johary, that’s his name, is among these rare species of Malagasy citizens who still believe that ideas, democracy and law, can change Madagascar. With his title of “Doctor in Law”, he tried to convince me that only real democracy and total respect for the so called “State of Law”, were the only ways to get rid off the mess where Madagascar is involved. While he spoke to me, I remember the time I was like that; there was a time, me too, I wanted to be like those guys and girls who changed France during May 1968, I dreamed to be like these young American who burned their drafts (Vietnam draft) and who launched the Hippie movement, I had the fantasy to be at the place of Chinese rebels who challenged their government in the Tian Me square. Why did I change? Why did I stop dreaming?

Dream is not different from law, dream represents the climax of your fantasy, law represents the perfect type of rule. I think that there is nothing wrong for a lawyer to be a dreamer. I beleive that with the help of his or her dreams, the lawyer can force the destiny of a whole nation …do you need a proof? He convinced me.

So, I would like, through this blogg, to convince you that ideas, democracy, exchange between people, the respect of “State of Law”, are the clues to find the appropriate formula for sustainable development and national emancipation.


9 thoughts on “Law and dream

  1. First of all, I really like the widgets you put on the sidebar. Well done.

    The point that Johary brings up reminds me of something I had been thinking about while in Madagascar – why haven’t there been any major protests or social movements in recent times? (Or have there been?) I was under the impression that many Malagasy people are discontent with current policies, but aren’t willing to express that discontent. Why?

  2. The problem here in Madagascar is the ” Democracy” isn’t respected.
    It’s better that law makers ask the advice of the people before creating a new law.

  3. I would like to revert to David’s comment:

    It is true that nowadays, most of Malagasy people are not happy with the current social, economic and political situation in Madagascar.
    There are Malagasy people who even think that our current poverty is a national destiny, so that we can do nothing against it.
    Nevertheless, Malagasy people do not want or do not dare to express in a public way because either they are bored to do so (they are afraid to be used as political tools by the opposition which is in my opinion 1,000,000,000 times worst than the current president’s administration), or they are afraid that another political crisis triggered by another popular movement, will definitely “kill” the country.
    I also have the feeling that the president, his government and especially – above all the leading political party, the TIM (Tiako I Madagasikara = I love Madagascar), take profit from such people’s behavior.

  4. This is a reply for Tahina’s comment:

    I agree with your point, but i think that it would be better to mitigate the concerned people. The breach is more from people who have the duty to make these laws respect. Law makers are deemed to be the “legislative power”, this is the national assembly and the senate.

  5. Moonlightgirl said that there is no democracy in Madagascar and that law makers should ask for people’s opinion before drafting laws.

    I would not say that there is no democracy in Madagascar. I would rather say that democracy has its limits. I believe that decision makers in Madagascar think that too much democracy might spoil its economic development.

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